Email Marketing

“Email is the way to monetize Social Media” – Ron Cates

We are  business partner with Constant Contact but also know the other solutions in the market.

Email Marketing is the easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members—and build strong, successful, and lasting relationships with them. You’ll create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in minutes, no technical expertise necessary. With more than 400 easily-customized templates, a simple point-and-click tool, and award-winning free customer support, you can create professional, compelling messages your audience will act on. And we make it easy for you to manage your contact lists, sign up website visitors, track your clicks and open rates, and send automated communications to new subscribers.

Low cost alternative to traditional direct mail. Use this service to deliver newsletters, products specials, seminar announcements, follow-up messages, etc..

One advantage in working with G2 is to setup pre-written email campaign that are delivered atutomatically. We work with you to create (then easily deliver) thoughtful marketing messages. These messages can be used for new customers, purchase follow-up, meeting follow-up….the possibilities are endless and customizable to your needs.

Example: When you get a new client or prospect you can add them to the proper campaign and the emails are delivered automatically. Day 1 is a welcome email. Day 3 is a reminder of services, Day 7 is an offer, etc… The point is that you write the message series once and it works for you automatically when you need it.

Traditional mailings have many costs associated with printing, postage, handling, etc… Emails are a fraction of the price wtih the ability to personalize each message for the recipient. You can include their first name in the subject line and clickable links direct to your website or email box.

We do NO SPAM. Only Opt-in, permission based email broadcasts. Complete with removal instructions and full contact information in each email. CAN-SPAM compliant.

Email Marketing Benefits
– Increases customer frequency and loyalty
– Saves money over traditional direct mail
– Increases brand awareness and exposure
– Reaches your best customers quickly, effectively
– Frees up valuable management time
– Is targeted to reach an audience interested in you
– Lower cost than most other forms of marketing
– It’s fast efficient advertising
– Provides higher ROI

Email Marketing Services
Strategic Planning
We will do a comprehensive needs analysis
to determine how best we can work for you.

Our creative team will use your marketing identity
to create your unique Email campaign

Collect, store and organize your email distribution list

We test all messages to ensure accuracy of each delivery.
Sending messages to a small test group for approval.

Your email campaign is launched and your
customer relationship continues to grow

We honor all remove requests and
manage undeliverable emails